The vgTcl Suite

What is the vgTcl Suite?

From the README...

The vgTcl Suite is a set of Tcl/Tk bindings, example scripts, and utilities for the Vega, AudioWorks2, and IRIS Performer APIs. Most functions available through the C APIs are available interactively at runtime. Applications no longer must be monolithic binaries of bounded capability; apps can be assembled at runtime of small interactive scripts, with capabilities added as needed.

The vgTcl Suite is an open-source "vgGift" from MultiGen-Paradigm Inc.

The vgTcl Suite consists of

So what is Tcl/Tk?

To learn all about Tcl/Tk, visit the folks at Scriptics, the creators of this cool free platform-independent scripting and GUI development language.


Getting it

If you have the Vega/AudioWorks CDROM, you already have the vgTcl Suite.
Use swmgr or inst to install it from the /CDROM/vgtcl directory

If you do not have the CDROM, you may download tcltk803.tardist (4.5MB) and vgtcl34.tardist (4.3MB) from


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