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Prebuilt OSG binaries for Windows

osg2.4.0_vs80sp1_setup_2008-04-28.exe (24MB) md5sum a5f883174ba7a3344f97be2e67643cb3 (37MB) md5sum fcec562a65d2f2c7ad5087c6c03a91e3
Prebuilt Windows binaries for OpenSceneGraph v2.4.0.
Compiled on WindowsXP SP2 using Microsoft VisualStudio 2005 v8.0 SP1.
Choose either the .exe installer or .zip archive, they both contain the same files. (37MB) md5sum 84398f4ad7b23c46b7196342cfe6d40d
For developers only: Windows DEBUG binaries for OpenSceneGraph v2.4.0.
You must have Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005 installed to use these binaries.
(Offered without further elaboration, on the assumption that as a developer you'll known what to do with this.)

Previous OSG releases get moved to the attic...

Prebuilt OSG 3rdParty dependency libraries for Windows

End-users: the necessary components are already included in the OSG packages above; these libraries are only of interest to developers.

As of November 2007, my collection of prebuilt OSG win32 3rdParty dependency libraries is maintained and distributed from a Subversion repository at

There is no single trunk, rather there are separate branches depending on the version of VisualStudio the binaries are build with. As versions of VisualStudio come and go, new branches will be created, and old branches will be frozen. When I build an OSG win32 binary installer release, I create a similarly named tag, example:

Tip: The 3rdParty svn repository is easily integrated with an OSG svn tree by setting an svn:externals property.

Original announcement

As a convenience to those having difficulty accessing Subversion, this is a snapshot as used for the OSG 2.4.0 release above: (8MB) md5sum 25a74bf09b48f3468d958ca2a8175e33

Projects, Presentations, and Data

drawtext GLSL shader...
A printf()-like utility for dynamically displaying values from GLSL shaders.

Presentation: GLSL Shading with OpenSceneGraph - PDF (1.4MB)
An overview of the design and use of OpenGL Shading Language with OSG.
Presented at the Advanced Rendering Techniques using OpenSceneGraph seminar, Los Angeles, July 2005.

Presentation: Holographic Rendering with OpenSceneGraph - PDF (0.5MB)
Very brief overview of computer generated holography using OSG.
Presented at the OSG birds-of-a-feather, SIGGRAPH 2007, San Diego.

osgToy and osgToy-Data...
My OSG laboratory: a collection of experimental/whimsical/maybe-useful projects for the OpenSceneGraph, such as GLSL conformance checker, fractal generators, normal generators, normal visualizer, celestial sphere, pseudoloaders, diagnostic dataflag shader, test pattern datasets, impossible object, etc.
The latest files are in SVN at

osgToy examples...

Nodekit to integrate OSG with the Virtual Reality Peripheral Network, a library which provides network-transparent access to a wide variety of VR devices. Includes the osgVRPN nodekit, osgVRPNviewer example, and the .tracker pseudo-loader.
The latest files are in the osgToy SVN at

osgdb_COLLADA plugin...
As of OSG v1.2, development of the OSG plugin for the COLLADA digital asset exchange format has moved from a separate SourceForge project into the core OSG source tree.

Vega Town OpenFlight database
The VegaTown database in OpenFlight format is included in the VegaPlayer distribution, available on the Multigen-Paradigm website at

Old and Obsolete Stuff

... gets moved to the attic

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